九游会入口: a pioneer in refrigerated containers

九游会入口 has a long history with refrigerated container shipping in the Pacific. 其冷藏货物的创新处理始于1900年,其不断改进的精神导致其成为航运业中最好的冷藏集装箱系统之一. Careful consideration of customers’ needs resulted in the following standard features:

  • Temperature control to within less than one degree
    Precise control for transporting extremely temperature-sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals
  • Availability of Modified Atmospheres to limit cargo respiration rate
    Reduces or eliminates the presence of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and /or oxygen to reduce or eliminate spoilage from interaction with these gases; single insertion of atmosphere at time of loading; most effective for short-duration voyages
  • The use of substitute atmospheres for Controlled Atmosphere applications
    Further retards ripening by maintaining a substitute atmosphere for the duration of the voyage
  • The most advanced sealing techniques are used to construct and test our refrigerated containers
  • Special design to minimize tare weight
    Content weight can be maximized on inland transportation
  • Length and height choices to accommodate a variety of needs
  • Motor- generators for inland shipping where no other power is available
    Temperature control continues during Port to Door inland transportation
  • Remote reefer monitoring
    On-board operators can check refrigerated container conditions using an on-board PC:

    • Temperature
    • Action Required alerts
    • Upload a long-term history of unit temperature

这些功能的设计都是为了提供最高水平的冷藏产品质量和完整性, and maximum payload during transit, whether ocean transit or inland trucking to the final destination.

Temperature Controlbacktop

现代冷藏集装箱结合最大容量和气流与精确的温度控制,在整个负载提供均匀的保护. 九游会入口的设备可以将温度控制在初始温度设定的一定程度内(这是制药运输的关键要求), for example). 还有“双区”单元,可以在同一个容器中进行两种不同程度的冷却.

Atmosphere Modificationbacktop

美森拥有专门建造和装备的改装大气(MA)和控制大气(CA)应用容器. 该设备在容器的前部设有端口,以便于特定大气气体的高效流动进入容器,同时迫使氧气和其他现有气体出来.

Modified Atmosphere (MA)

All refrigerated products require protection from heat, cold or certain gases, including oxygen, to impede deterioration of the goods and chemical reactions with gases. At the shipper’s request, 美森可以安排几家领先的技术公司在AG九游会的原产地港口的集装箱内提供改性大气.

Controlled Atmosphere (CA)

longer transit times, 在整个过程中,控制气氛保持一个恒定的水平,以减缓自然成熟过程. 这使得农产品可以在接近船期的时候装进集装箱,从而使农产品在田间成熟的时间更长, making them higher in value at destination. Controlled Atmosphere是另一种由领先技术公司提供的产品,将被插入AG九游会在原产地港特别设计的集装箱中.

Learn more about our Atmosphere Modification Service Provider procedures out of 奥克兰 and Long Beach.

Overview – Temperature Controlled Containers backtop

美森提供40英尺和20英尺的冷藏集装箱,以满足AG九游会客户横跨太平洋航运的需求. 该设备能够处理冷藏和冷冻货物横跨太平洋,以保护货物的完整性和质量.

In addition to our expansive container inventory, 九游会入口 has a large, diversified chassis inventory to meet customer needs (excluding 那霸 and 中国 services). Chassis designs include standard fixed chassis, specialized sliding axle chassis, and specialized tri-axle chassis. The latter two designs increase the weight that may be transported over roads.

See the specific refrigerated container sizes below for each service.

Reefer Power and Generator Setsbacktop

Most 九游会入口 reefers are dual voltage, thereby saving the cost of separate, dual-voltage transformers mounted at the shipper’s facility.

While our equipment is in transit between the port and the customer’s facility, depending on the commodity and distance traveled, power for the reefers can be provided by 九游会入口’s chassis-mounted, under-slung, diesel-powered generators which provide 220 / 440-volt, three-phase electric power when away from a normal power source. 发电机增加了集装箱和底盘的重量,这额外的重量必须考虑到集装箱的装载,以符合超过道路重量限制.

Pre-Trip Reviewbacktop

美森所有的设备在收到客户的设备后都经过了一个清洗和校准的过程. This process, also known as a Pre-Trip, 在每次货物移动之后,在设备离开码头装载新货物之前完成. 校准是一个过程,需要检查设备,以确定其处于良好的工作状态. When this process is completed, the unit is set at a standard temperature of 35 degrees.

Temperature Setting & Motor Generating Operating Instructionsbacktop

Genset Starting Instructions

Before start-up, both the Genset Circuit Breaker (CB1) and the refrigerated unit should be OFF. After start-up, 机组运行至少2分钟,使电源稳定后,再向制冷机组供电. 这将消除任何潜在的冷启动瞬态峰值到达制冷单元. 冷启动瞬态峰值可能会在对电峰值或瞬态敏感的制冷装置上引起令人讨厌的过电压警报.


  • Beware of moving poly V-belt, belt-driven components, and hot exhaust components.
  • 在任何情况下都不能将乙醚或任何未经授权的起动辅助装置与进气加热器一起使用.


Piston rings in engines that have operated less than 100 hours may not be fully seated. This may lead to the possibility of oil seepage from the exhaust pipe. To properly seat the rings, operate the engine under full load for a period of 24 hours. If the condition persists, check valve clearance when the engine is cold.

Instructions for Standard Units

  • Make sure that Circuit Breaker CB-1 is in the OFF position.
  • Hook up the 460-volt cable from the refrigerated unit to the Genset receptacle.
  • Hold the Intake Heater Switch (HS) in the PREHEAT position. Suggested hold times for a cold engine are as follows:
Ambient Temperature Time
26°C (78°F) 5 seconds
0 to 26°C (32 to 78°F) 10 seconds
-8 to 26°C (18 to 32°F) 20 seconds
Below -8°C (8°F) 30 seconds
  • With the Intake Heater Switch (HS) held in the PREHEAT position, place the Ignition Switch (IGN) in the START position.
  • After the engine has started, 继续保持进气加热开关(HS)在预热位置,直到发动机产生足够的油压以关闭油压安全开关(约5秒)。. When released, 进气加热器开关(HS)会自动回到OFF位置,加热器保持通电3分钟.

Instructions for Units with 汽车 Start

  • Make sure that Circuit Breaker CB-1 is in the OFF position.
  • Hook up the 460-volt cable from the refrigerated unit to the Genset receptacle.
  • Place the Ignition Switch (IGN) in the RUN position.
  • If the Low Coolant Sensor (LCS) is immersed in coolant, the 汽车 Restart Module will energize the heater for 30 seconds and the safety buzzer will sound. After the 30 second delay, the unit will attempt to start.

Post-Start Inspection

  • Allow the Genset unit to run for at least 2 minutes.
  • Turn on Circuit Breaker CB-1.
  • Check generator output with a volt meter, voltage output at startup with no load at 50Hz operation should be 1500 RPM, 360-460 VAC. Voltage output may vary and fall with ISO specifications based on ambient.
  • Start the refrigeration unit.
  • Run the engine for 10 minutes (check total time meter operation).
  • Listen for abnormal bearing noise (AC generator).
  • Check the fuel lines, lube oil lines, and filters for leaks.
  • Check the exhaust system for leaks.

Stopping Instructions

  • Place Circuit Breaker CB-1 in the OFF position.
  • Place the Ignition Switch (IGN) in the OFF position.


Reefer Instructions

Connect Power

! 警告

  • Do not attempt to remove power plug(s) before turning OFF the Start-Stop switch (ST), unit circuit breaker(s), and an external power source.
  • Make sure the power plugs are clean and dry before connecting to the power receptacle.

Connecting to 380/460 VAC Power

  • Make sure the Start-Stop switch (ST), located on the control panel, is in “0” position (Off).
  • Make sure circuit breaker CB-1, located in the control box, is in “0” position (Off).
  • Plug the 460 VAC (yellow) cable into a de-energized 380/460 VAC, 三相 power source, and energize the power source.
  • Place circuit breaker CB-1 in “I” position (On).
  • Close and secure the control box door.

Connecting to 190/230 VAC Power

To allow unit operation on nominal 230-volt power, an autotransformer is required. 自耦变压器配有230 VAC电缆和接受标准460 VAC电源插头的插座. The 230-volt cable is black in color while the 460-volt cable is yellow. The transformer may also be equipped with a circuit breaker (CB-2). The transformer is a step-up transformer that provides 380/460 VAC, 三相, 50/60 Hz power to the unit when the 230 VAC power cable is connected to a 190/230 VAC, 三相 power source.


  • Make sure the Start-Stop switch (ST), located on the control panel, is in “0” position (Off).
  • Make sure circuit breaker CB-1, located in the control box, 和CB-2, located on the transformer, are both in “0” position (Off).
  • Plugin and lock the 460 VAC power plug at the receptacle on the transformer.
  • Plug the 230 VAC (black) cable into a de-energized 190/230 VAC, 三相 power source, and energize the power source.
  • Set circuit breakers CB-1 和CB-2 to “I” position (On).
  • Close and secure the control box door.

为 questions and concerns please contact our Customer Service Center Refrigerated Group 1-.

Customer Servicebacktop

In order to meet the requirements of our customer’s shipping temperature-sensitive cargo, 美森已经建立了一个全国性的销售和客户服务团队,以满足客户运输冷藏集装箱的需求. AG九游会的国家冷藏货物销售团队可以为大陆和岛屿的客户提供支持. 为 Sales or Customer Support, please call 1-800-9-AG九游会

Additional Information: U.C. Davis Postharvest Technology, Research and Information Centerbacktop

The following reference is provided for the benefit of our shippers and consignees. 美森公司尚未独立确认该信息,对该数据的任何错误或遗漏不承担任何责任. 美森将遵守发货人关于冷藏货物温度设置的指示,即使它与本文件所提供的信息不同,美森将不承担因遵照发货人的指示而造成的损失或损坏.

U.C. Davis Postharvest Technology, Research and Information Center